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Moore Environmental is a leading provider of HVAC Commissioning, Cleanroom Certification & Validation, Water Treatment, Critical Environment Facilities & Maintenance Services.

Established in 1993, Moore Environmental deliver for clients across Ireland, UK and internationally.

Challenge & Solution

Moore Environmental are an established leading provider of HVAC Commissioning and Critical Environment Facilities & Maintenance Services whose Quality Management System has been supported by Increase Success Ltd for several years.

When the organisation decided to gain ISO14001 and ISO45001 certificate to compliment it’s ISO9001 certification, Increase Success Ltd was approached to provide an integrated management system.

We developed the system to support the organisations operations and ensure compliance to all three standards. They successfully navigated Moore Environmental through the certification process and continues to provide consultancy through detailed annual internal audit reports and management reviews.


Moore Environmental


Annual Internal Audit Report for Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety certification

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Our previous QA consultant retired after many years, whereby, Andrew was vetted and his company’s consultancy services employed to continue and develop the operational standards within our engineering business.

At the time we were ISO 9001 2008 (Quality Assurance) qualified, but Andrew upgraded our standards to ISO 9001 2015 and furthermore steered and led our additional qualifications in ISO 14001 and 45001 in recent years.

Problem solving in a team environment is one of his many strengths. His own knowledge and detailed understanding of what-is ‘key’; kept us all focused, and pushed us to keep non-conformaties to a minimum.

Obviously this good work continues but the improvement opportunities, as guided by Andrew, and trust that runs both ways, ensure we are continuing together for many years to come.

M.D. –  HR & Business Quality Manager